Sunday, June 17, 2012

You've been my superhero

A hero, a hero is a role model, a person who makes you smile.. A hero could be Superman, Batman, Spiderman, etc.. My hero is my bapak.. He is a hard worker.. If there were an award for hero, the person who should receive it would be my bapak..

Hello bapak,
If anyone has thought more about his children/family than himself, it has been you, dear bapak.. You are the epitome of selfless love, sacrifice and unrelenting support..
It's your invisible hand, which has given us the confidence to fall, as we know in life you would never let us falter..

You have been my role model, friend and guide all these 22 years.. Right from the times when you taught me to do mathematics, taught me how to ride a bike, helped me prepare the scripts for essay contests, to when you sat down discussing on my future, what I want to be in future, what I want in future, what do you hope for my future..

I have always wanted to tell you.. as much as I want to give back to you, you have done so much for me, that it will never be entirely possible.. And you have got such a great heart, that you continue to do so.. Maybe that’s what a 'father' is all about, he just knows how to give..
Your mere presence gives me confidence, your being there gives me the strength to believe in myself..

Mr. Awang Suhaili..

I am proud to be Daddy's Little Girl! Happy Father's Day to someone who defines the phrase "Greatest Dad in the World".. Really! I love you..!

You have a place of honor.. Deep within my heart.. You've been my superhero, bapak.. Right from the very start..

Lots of love,
Your little girl.. Adila Syahirah..

Makseh baca..suka? like okeyh and komen la :)


Am said...

dad is the true superhero.. :)

♥ sitifarhana ♥ said...

slmt hari bapa kpd sumeeee yang bergelar bapa ^____^

anamizu kaito said...

sayang abah kitew jugak !
SUPERHERO kite kan? :P

cik ana

eva said...

xkan ada dpt menggantikan seorg ayah ;)

hazfee said...

yeah! bapak kamek pun superhero kamek. ekeke :)

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